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When Teddy’s little sister, Tina, is gunned down in a drive-by shooting, the gang members who rule the streets in the Anderson family’s rapidly deteriorating neighborhood dismiss the incident as just another case of RP,RT – wrong place, wrong time. According to gangsta logic, Tina is just another random casualty in a never-ending inner-city street war.

But while the Anderson family mourns, Teddy plots revenge. Soon, he is arrested for attempted homicide and thrown into the dark reality of California’s juvenile prisons, his plans for revenge foiled.

However, an innovative probation program earns Teddy early release from jail and house arrest under the supervision of Officer Mariana Diaz. As part of the juvenile rehabilitation program Diaz runs, Teddy is assigned to mentor Micah, a twelve year old foster child and wanna-be gangbanger who has nothing: no parents, no role models, not even a raincoat to call his own.

Teddy pretends to comply with the terms of his probation while secretly using his elite computer hacker skills to plot his final vengeance against the gang members who took his baby sister’s life. However, Teddy fails to see how Micah’s desperate need for love and trust just might have the power to not only pierce all of Teddy’s defenses, but heal the deep wounds of the Anderson family.

Homeboyz is Alan Lawrence Sitomer’s darkest, most dramatic and most hopeful work yet.

  • Name

    This book really sucked. How the hell are you a real author?

  • bang bang

    right!!!! i read this all the time over and over again alot

  • http://www.alanlawrencesitomer.com/ Alan Sitomer

    Thanks a ton! Have you checked out CAGED WARRIOR yet?

  • dasjon

    this book was great I love it in the middle when he was in jail was kinda boring but towards the end it got interesting

  • dasjon

    Jit you lame

  • http://www.alanlawrencesitomer.com/ Alan Sitomer


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    love your comment